essential oils and kids

The effect and odors of essential oils are good for children and adults alike. They are especially beneficial during the winter when there are frequent respiratory problems.

Whether it is a viral or bacterial infection, many of the problems caused by low temperatures and prolonged periods of stay indoors, such as a stuffy nose, can be alleviated by essential oils.

Relaxing oils are a good choice for vapors inhalation at home and also a few drops of oil in water. However, the usage of topical aromatherapy preparations (ointments, creams and gels) is not a good option. Aromatherapy in children under six years of age is a sensitive topic for lots of aromatherapists. One should be especially careful with babies. They need a drop of essential oil with 50 milliliters of a substrate (oils, cream, baths). For children under five, the dose is doubled – two drops per 50 milliliters of the preparation. By this age, it is best to consult a homeopath or aromatherapist. After the age of five, aromatherapy is freely applied – both for skincare and for the treatment of various “conditions” in children: from colds, through sheep pox, to mumps.

Mild oils for children

Aromatherapy for children

It is generally known to parents today that early childhood is a very important developmental period, and that everything that happens during that period certainly has an impact on the later life of the child.
A wide selection of essential oils (make sure you pay attention to quality when making a purchase) allows for good disinfection of the baby’s room – the recommendation is to do it occasionally. A simple spray is sufficient, with doses of 3-5 drops of lemon, grapefruit, tea tree, chamomile, lavender, tangerine or orange essential oil. Of course, you do not have to use all of these oils, but the ones whose scent is most appealing to you and your children, while touch develops mutual trust and love. As the touch of mom’s and dad’s hands feels and recognizes, an infant is susceptible to smells from an early age, so essential oils have a much stronger effect on children than adults. However, aromatherapy oils can only be used in small doses in children and with a specific purpose. In accordance with children’s nature, the scents must be gentle and refreshing – to contribute to a sense of warmth and security.

Regarding baby skincare products, parents should pay attention to the choice of essential oils and their concentration. First of all, it is important that the essential oils are dissolved in natural substrates or carrier oils because only then can aromatherapy be applied in its true sense. Aromatherapy preparations can be in the form of skincare creams, gentle massage oils, or baths and shampoos.
When it comes to skincare for a child aged two and over – lavender, chamomile, neroli, rose or rosewood, sandalwood essential oils are very beneficial. These oils can be dissolved in a base oil such as olive, borage, marigold, jojoba or grapeseed oil. Bone fruit oils such as almonds, for example, should be avoided as allergies to it may be possible.