essential oils against viruses and bacteria

Essential oils against viruses and bacteria

The most mentioned theme these days is COVID-19. The coronavirus spread worldwide and affected every area of our lives. In these tough times, we want to help by writing about the best essential oils that might help in fighting viruses and bacteria. Aromatherapy can…
Aromatherapy Event 2020
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Essential Oil Events and Fairs 2020

Essential oils are a large part of the aromatherapy market. Natural cosmetics and treatments are becoming more and more appreciated and the global market recognizes the potential and gives more space and significance to this area of worldwide…
Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Essential Oil

There are numerous stories about sandalwood, and they are mostly related to India and its mythology and religion. Sandalwood is as powerful to the Indus as Ganesha, a sacred elephant that grows slowly and grows into a large and powerful being.…
Orange Oil Benefits

Orange Essential Oil

CHARACTERISTICS: Plant: Citrus sinensis L. Odor: sweet, fresh, citrusy Method of production: mechanical straining The part of the plant from which the oil is obtained: the bark of the fruit Main ingredients: limonene, myrcene, alpha-pinene,…
Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Essential Oils for Hair Care and Growth

Healthy hair is a reflection of a balanced diet, proper care and a healthy lifestyle. Our hair needs a lot of care and attention, as it is constantly exposed to the effects of harmful external factors and various chemical preparations. In addition,…
essential oils and kids

Aromatherapy for Children

The effect and odors of essential oils are good for children and adults alike. They are especially beneficial during the winter when there are frequent respiratory problems. Whether it is a viral or bacterial infection, many of the problems…

Massage and Essential Oils

Massage is one of the most famous methods for healing and relaxing the body. The word comes from the Arabic word "massa" meaning touch. It plays a major role when it comes to our health. For thousands of years around the world, especially in…
Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon essential oil - The golden spice

Modern scientific research confirms that cinnamon, "a spice more valuable than gold", has a positive effect on many diseases. Cinnamon essential oil is yellow in color, with a characteristic scent, according to the fragrance note, it belongs…
Bulgarian Rose

Rosa Damascena - flower from the East that conquered Europe

The name "Bulgarian Rose" assumes a specific type of this flower - Rosa Damascena, also known as the Damascus rose and the Castile rose. This species is a hybrid - derived from Gaelic and Muscat rose. It grows as a deciduous shrub of irregular…
Best Winter Oils

Top 5 Winter Essential Oils

Winter is a season when we have more time to turn to our family, close friends and our own inner world. It's a great time for writing, sorting things we normally don't have time for, listening to ambient music, painting. The oils recommended…
Oils in Pharmacy

Essential Oils in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Essential oils are herbal products of a very strong odor. They are fragrant, volatile mixtures of various chemical compounds, liquid products of plant tissue. Many organic compounds are present in their composition: alcohols, aldehydes, ketones,…
Benefits of Essential Oil of Clove

Clove Essential Oil

This herb is more powerful than we could imagine. The main ingredient of the clove (Syzygium aromaticum), an essential oil with eugenol, gives this spice its characteristic taste and aroma. It also contains tannins, resin, mucus and a high…