Melissa Officinalis

Facts about the Melissa oil and why it is expensive

We are very proud to introduce processes of this multi-beneficial product. The main benefits of lemon balm oil are already explained here - Top 5 Benefits of Using Melissa Essential Oil and in this article, we want to highlight the very own process…
The Best Essential Oils

Top 3 Essential Oils

Essential oils are very respected in the East and popular on the West, people all over the planet are familiar with their effects and are using them for various occasions. Even if you are a supporter of classic medicine, you cannot deny their…
Lavender Oil Usage

Lavender essential oil - Usage and Benefits

One of the most popular and healing plants is certainly the lavender. It has been used on multiple occasions for centuries and there is practically no home where lavender is not represented. People all over the world use it for its relaxing…
Melissa Oil Usage

How to Use Melissa Essential Oil

As we already wrote, Melissa Essential Oil is beneficial for our overall health, it can be used in the prevention and treatment of various health issues in early stages and to fight the ones that are already attacking our organism. An interesting…
Melissa Oil Benefits

Top 5 Benefits of Using Melissa Essential Oil

Nowadays the world is full of stress, people are often nervous and exposed to lots of different diseases. We spend most of our time chasing time and money, but we should never neglect our health and we should take some time to nurture our body…
Melissa Officinalis Plants

What is Melissa essential oil?

Melissa essential oil is constantly gaining more and more popularity nowadays. However, it has also been well-known to our ancestors far away in the 15th century due to its huge medical potential. Scientifically known as Melissa officinalis,…