Rosa Damascena

The rose is not called the ”Queen of Flowers” by accident. Its celestial fragrant petals not only brings joy and ecstasy to the eyes but also have healing properties. One of the oldest and the most beautiful types of roses are told to be brought in Europe from Asia after the Second Crusade by the French crusader Robert de Brie. He was delighted by this flower’s beauty and decided to bring it to Europe, so everyone can admire its beauty. But, there is another, more scientific theory. Namely, this plant is a hybrid of R. moschata x R. gallica crossed with the Rosa fedtschenkoana. Rosa Damascena grows in the form of a small barberry plum of 1-2 meters height, with whitish, hairy leaves and pink blossoms of extremely fragrant odours, made up of 30 latices.

There are various types of this delightful flower, but we want to focus on one of the rarest and most amazing one – Bulgarian Rose Damascena and write about it in this article.

What is Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose)?

The flowers of the Bulgarian Rose, the rare and amazing type of Rosa Damascena, are known for their fine scent and are commercially used for rose oil which is used in cosmetics and perfumery as roses and “roses of concrete”. They are better known as “Rose Absolute” or “Rose Otto“. The Rose Valley of Kazanlak, known as the “Bulgarian Rose Valley”, is the only place where this plant is cultivated. This fact makes these products one of the most expensive and appreciated ones on the market.

The water and oil lines are used in cosmetics, medicine and perfumery. We are talking about high-quality products that are appreciated all over the world. They are a by-product of the steam distillation process, where oil from rose petals gets extracted from the surface.

Today, Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto) and Rose Water are most often used in cosmetics because of their magical properties on the skin. They simultaneously control and balance the production of sebum, which makes these products universal cleansers, suitable for both dry and oily skin. They also hydrate and maintain the pH balance of dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to their antibacterial properties, they successfully help skin to fight against acne. These are also very popular medicine for treating all types of dermatitis.

This Rose’s properties are diverse and very delicate. It gives energy, refreshes and moisturizes the skin, relieves skin rashes and allergies.

Beneficial properties of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena water and oil

  • stimulating, harmonizing and rejuvenating
  • digestion-stimulating and antiseptic
  • dermatology-grade
  • anti-aging and moisturizing
  • anti-inflammatory, acne-preventing, and balancing
  • therapeutic, cleansing, and detoxifying

No matter which one of these two great products made from Rosa Damascena (Bulgarian Rose) you decide to use, you won’t be wrong. You will do so much for your skin and overall health by using these fine and delicate products.