Aromatherapy is an ancient art of using essential oils and it is known and used for centuries. Even the old Egyptians, Greeks, Indians, Chinese and Romans discovered its benefits. An interesting fact is that 5000 years ago Ancient Egyptians used essential oils to add them to hand creams and hair treatments. So, technically, we might call them the ”first aromatherapy people”.

Simplified, this is the alternative medicine form that uses concentrated essences made from different types of fruits, flowers, beneficial grasses and plants in general as a therapy. It is mostly applied by inhalation, skinning and sometimes by oral usage of the oils.

But this beautiful skill is not just that. This is the technique that observes human like a complete being, considering and nurturing all the levels of his being and doing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Aromatherapy is a way of life and a whole life process. 

One of the traditional ways of using essential oils in aromatherapy is their evaporation in diffusers. It is important to choose the right diffuser, that will suit your needs and your ambient. The usage of quality oils is crucial as well as the proper usage of a diffuser. There are lots of essential oil blends that can do wonders for your health. However, before you decide to mix them, you must do research and learn more about essential oils categories, properties and mixtures. We have done our ”homework” and want to share it with you:

3 Amazing Aromatherapy Oil Blends

1. Diffuser Blends

There are various beneficial combinations for diffuser blends recipes. We want to show you just a few, so we can encourage and inspire you to create your own combo.

5 drops Lavander 6 drops Rosemary 1 drop Cinnamon

4 drops Rosewater 1 drop Peppermint 1 drop Jasmine

1 drop Ylag Ylang 3 drops Lavender 3 drops Sweet Orange

1 drop Roman chamomile 5 drops Lime

3 drops Melissa

2 drops Grapefruit

3 drops Frankincense

2. Inhaler Blends

If you are away from your home or cannot use a diffuser for any reason, these blends are a great substitute. They are discrete and portable. There are various types of inhaler blends, and here are the ones that help in different situations and that we have picked out for you.

Energize  Focus

4 drops Lemon Essential Oil 4 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

4 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil 8 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil

4 drops Hemlock Spruce Essential Oil 3 drops Cypress Essential Oil

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil


5 drops Lemon Essential Oil

8 drops Ginger Essential Oil

2 drops Cardamom Essential Oil

3.Memory and Concentration Blends

These mixtures are welcome anytime, anywhere. Good memory and concentration are something we all need so we can get the most of our days. Aromatherapy is the right path to follow and these essential oils are its faithful allies. Together they can boost our brains and pave the way for our quality lives.

3 drops Lemon                     2 drops Rosemary                    2 drops Lemon

2 drops Peppermint            1 drop Basil                                3 drops Rosemary

2 drops Cypress

We hope you will find these blends useful and that you will feel inspired to create some more mixtures because the right combination of elements can delight all your senses. Aromatherapy methods are magical when you know how to properly use them, but before you embark on this journey, inform yourself about all possible side effects, especially if you’re expecting a baby because pregnant women are only allowed to use some mixtures of essential oils.