Pure Melissa Essential Oil from our own Bulgarian fields

We are a family owned business with a goal to share therapeutic-grade Melissa essential oil with the world. That’s why we have our products grown and produced by us on our own organic fields and steam-distilled in our own distillery.

We offer pure therapeutic grade essential oil derived from the Melissa Officinalis fields of Bulgaria. Bulgarian Oils is a leading Bulgarian producer and international trader of essential oils. We grow and harvest our own Melissa plants patiently at the perfect moment, then gently distill high quality essential oil using modern equipment and facilities.

We have a strong network with other local growers who are like-minded and equally passionate about farming so we could also provide Rose, Lavender, Chamomile, Sage/Salvia, Yarrow Blue, Immortelle/Helichrysum, HyssopPeppermint, Basil essential oils.

Fun Fact

Melissa is Greek for “honey bee” and its sweet, citrus fragrance was known to attract bees to make honey.

Melissa Oil Benefits

Excellent antidepressant

Treats neurodegenerative disorders

Relieves menstrual and PMS symptoms

Serves as a tonic for the nervous system

Invokes and provides warmth to the respiratory system

Provides fast relief from spasms in the body

Ensures smooth functioning of the digestive process

Fights against bacterial or microbial infections in the body

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“We love the melissa oil!”

“The oil is wonderful as usual!”

P.W.American Essential Oil Company

“Your quality is really good”

P.L.Australian Customer

“Your brand is much more effective when applied to the troubled areas (than other brands)”

D.A.American Customer

“The sample is wonderful!”

H.J.American Essential Oil Company

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