Oils Against Anxiety

Essential Oils Against Anxiety

Anxiety is a difficult mental state that affects and aggravates a man's life. In situations when due to objective life circumstances or hypersensitivity of the nervous system, we have to fight anxiety on a daily basis. Thus, it is of great importance…
Immunity-boosting oils

Immunity-boosting essential oils

It is known that immunity is the body's ability to recognize foreign substances from ecosystems that can endanger it and resist them. When it weakens, we get sick so it is responsible for all diseases. What if our immune system is out of…
Oils for Sensitive Skin

Best Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is not a disease, it just requires special care. Such kind of skin needs adequate and more thorough attention. If you make a mistake somewhere and don't treat it properly, you will immediately notice it - your skin will warn you.…
Autumn Essential Oils

Best Autumn Essential Oils

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to relax and unwind in warm rooms and enjoy observing the picturesque landscapes. These moments are reserved for family, dear friends and the precious moments spend with them. Unfortunately, this is…
Oils in Cooking
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Essential Oils in Cooking

Adding essential oils to your favorite recipes can have a number of important health benefits. They can also add a special flavor to your dishes. Many of you know the benefits of cooking with coconut oil or using olive oil in recipes. However,…
Oils for seasonal allergies

Essential Oils against Allergies

Sneezing, watery eyes, constant wiping of the nose, headaches - these are some of the most common "charms" of seasonal allergies. Increased sensitive immunity is responsible for allergies and it is activated by contact with certain pathogens.…
Vetiver Oil

Top 10 Benefits of Vetiver Essential Oil

The vetiver plant originates from India, and its oil has been used in folk medicine for more than a thousand years in South and Southeast Asia, as well as West Africa. It is interesting that the leaves and roots have the same benefits as the…
Bergamot Oil Benefits

Top 5 Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits

Origin of bergamot essential oil This amazing oil originates from Italy although it also grows in the Middle East. The name bergamot originated from the name of a small town in Italy - Bergamo, where it was originally produced. Bergamot…
Melissa essential oil

Melissa - Top Natural Antidepressant

Melissa officinalis is one of the rare plants that are at the same time medicinal, fragrant, decorative, spicy, aromatic and industrial. It has been cultivated in southern Europe and northern Africa for more than two millennia. It grows in beehives,…
anti-cellulite oils

5 Best Anti-Cellulite Essential Oils

Since anti-cellulite massage is one of the most effective fighters against cellulite, using certain essential oils for this purpose, your skin simultaneously enjoys the benefits of massage and the healing properties of essential oils. Essential…
Hydrolates Benefits

What are Hydrolates (Hydrosols) and how to use them?

In the world of cosmetics, hydrolates have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years and their use is becoming more widespread. Although there is a lot of talk about them, rarely does anyone know what is actually hidden in those…
Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Top 5 Essential Oils for Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common skin problem. This skin type lacks sebum and moisture and it is therefore very sensitive. It often looks very nice, it is smooth to the touch. People who have this skin type often complain of a feeling of tightness, especially…