Melissa essential oil is constantly gaining more and more popularity nowadays. However, it has also been well-known to our ancestors far away in the 15th century due to its huge medical potential. Scientifically known as Melissa officinalis, Melissa essential oil is extracted from ecologically pure plants by using steam distillation. It is derived from the fresh buds, leaves, and twigs of the Melissa plants which guarantees the oil’s high quality and effectiveness.

As well as its health benefits, Melissa essential oil also gains wide popularity for its sweet, citrus delightful fragrance. Some people even suggest that in the past it was used for attracting bees in order to produce more honey. Thus, this natural product is, moreover, known as lemon balm oil.

Owing to its soothing properties and delightful fragrance, the Melissa oil has been widely used in plenty of therapeutic balms.

Melissa Officinalis


Top 8 Benefits of Melissa essential oil

1. Excellent antidepressant

Due to its antidepressant properties, Melissa essential oil acts as a mood lifter. Researchers have shown that it effectively fights sadness and brings joy to one’s life. This is one of the main reasons why it was commonly used in the past.

2. Treats neurodegenerative disorders

The oil is popular for its effect on nervous system. It stimulates the activity of this system and as a result, improves brain function and memory. What is more, Melissa officinalis keeps the nervous system healthy and prevents people from the great variety of nervous disorders and incurable diseases.

3. Relieves menstrual and PMS symptoms

Melissa can also treat disorders related to menstrual and PMS symptoms. For example, it deals with irregular or obstructed menstruation and relieves pain, irritation, depression, and fatigue during periods or after menopause, as well.

4. Serves as a tonic for the nervous system

In addition to treating neurodegenerative disorders, this natural product acts as a trigger for the nervous system. Stimulating the functions of the nervous system, the Melissa essential oil keeps track of her activity. As a result, it can also treat problems, such as convulsions, vertigo, and nervousness.

5. Invokes and provides warmth to the respiratory system

Melissa oil stimulates the function of lung and heart muscles. As a consequence, the production of warmth increases, providing the respiratory system with the required amount of heat.

6. Provides fast relief from spasms in the body

Spasms are a very serious condition, which can affect the digestive, respiratory, nervous or the muscular system. As it often results in muscular cramps, pain, coughs, and shortness of breath, this condition must be treated very carefully. There are plenty of cases in which spasms even turned out to cause people’s death, so they need to be given proper treatment on time. Because of its calming and sedative properties, Melissa essential oil has turned out to be a sole instrument for treating spasms. It provides fast relief in all parts of the body, affected by the commonly lethal condition, which is a truthful evident for its medical potential.

7. Ensures smooth functioning of the digestive process

Melissa oil has proven to have a great impact on the digestive system. As it helps ulcers and wounds in the stomach to heal faster, it stimulates the proper function of digestion. In addition, lemon balm oil controls the levels of pH in gastric juices, protecting the stomach from developing an ulcer and bacterial infections.

8. Fights against bacterial or microbial infections in the body

As mentioned above, the oil helps inner wounds heal faster and controls levels of pH in the body. Because of this, it has proven to protect the body from bacterial infections. What is more, researchers have shown that Melissa officinalis also inhibits this type of infections, often developed in organs of the excretory system, intestines and in the colon.


Best ways to use Melissa essential oil

Due to its huge medical potential, Melissa essential oil has been used in a great variety of areas. Because of this, it would certainly not be difficult to experience the best of it. For example, when feeling stressed, you can easily use this natural product, in order to bring some joy into your life. However, if you suffer from any kind of respiratory, neurodegenerative, digestive or bacterial disorder, lemon balm oil will shortly help you feel better and get over it. How to take advantage of it? Using a natural product has never been easier. As well as providing you with the opportunity to use it externally, for example – applying it to the skin or diffuse it, you can also take Melissa oil internally, as a medication. Thanks to the variety of ways, in which it can be used, you can easily get the best of this product.

How to use Melissa essential oil properly?

Before starting to use the oil, there are certain precautions you need to know. Although it is completely natural and innocuous, it may cause some unpleasant reactions when used by sensitive people or by pregnant women. They can be expressed in the appearance of irritations or sensations, so the oil should not be used by this group of people.

Also, for internal use, you should start with very small amounts — one to two drops of oil diluted in water or tea — and if you plan on taking any essential oil internally for an extended period of time, do it under the care of your health care provider or essential oil coach.