Oregano Oil

People mostly use oregano as a spice and addition to dishes. In our climate, it is most often added to pizza, meat, etc. It can be grown in gardens, thus cultivated.

Wild oregano grows at high altitudes in the Mediterranean region. It mostly grows in Turkey and the southern part of Greece. Turkey is a major exporter of oregano.

Types of Oregano

There are 52 species of oregano worldwide, of which 32 species grow in Turkey, and 21 species of oregano are of endemic origin. The most common are 4 species – Oreganum onites, Oregano marjoram, Oreganum vulgare and Origanum minutiflorum.

Oregano vulgare is very common in Turkey and can be found in all areas of Turkey. Oregano onites and Oregano marjoram can be grown even in the lower regions. Oreganum minutiflorum is an endemic plant that grows only in the Taurus Mountains in the southern parts of Turkey. Here it grows on very inaccessible terrain at altitudes of 1500-2000m. It is this climate that is the main cause of the fact that Oregano minutiflorum is the strongest wild oregano that can be found, with the highest assessment of the active substance – carvacrol.

Oregano Oil Benefits

According to numerous studies, the main beneficial active ingredient of oregano is carvacrol.

Carvacrol has the greatest effect on the antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antiseptic and antioxidant properties of wild oregano. Oregano essential oil is a rival to pharmaceutical antibiotics, such as streptomycin, penicillin, vancomycin. With the use of antibiotics, bacteria become resistant and mutate, so the antibiotic has no more effect. Oregano oil prevents the bacterium from breathing and in this way it immediately eliminates it and does not allow its mutation and resistance.

In addition to carvacrol, oregano oil has a smaller percentage of other substances, which in their synergistic effect gives incredible properties of the oil.

Oregano Oil

Acne is a skin infection that occurs primarily in adolescents and teenagers. Teenagers do everything in their power to clean, heal or cover pimples. Here’s how you can fight these persistent enemies:

Add a few drops of oregano essential oil to liquid soap or face tonic. Wash your face or affected area twice a day. After cleansing, apply diluted oregano oil directly on the pimples in the morning and at night before bed. Just soak a small amount of oil on the middle part of the acne or the affected part once or twice a day. Do not rub strong oil into the skin but gently apply it to the necessary places. With regular use, the improvement should be visible after a week. If itching or irritation occurs, the oil use should be discontinued.

Bladder infection

Spread oregano oil (diluted) directly over the region where the bladder is (the region between the navel and the pubic symphysis). Consume the diluted oil orally.

Cold and flu

Even ancient people knew about this herb’s healing properties. It is active against cold viruses as well as against various painful symptoms associated with colds. Stubborn cold symptoms, such as the runny nose, congestion, cold, dry throat, tingling and itching in the throat, coughing, muscle aches, fever, fatigue, painful and full sinuses, all of which can be relieved by applying the oil.

You can consume this oil preventively and for therapeutic purposes. In addition, you can also inhale or diffuse it to relieve cold symptoms.

It can also help with a cough or sore throat by adding a few drops of wild oregano oil to the salt water and gargle several times a day. It is very safe to use, so children can also use it.

Also, if you have sinusitis, inhale the oil often to help open clogged sinus passages.

Wild oregano oil can help with various infections of the respiratory system, including pneumonia. Inhalation, oral use of softened oil is a good way to improve your health. Apply a large amount of diluted oregano oil on the chest (external use), and along the spine, over the upper and middle part.

This magnificent oil is very effective against ulcers. When smeared on the outside, it aggressively penetrates the ulcers, acting deep inside the hair roots and sebaceous glands. For optimal results, it is necessary to use the oil internally.

Wild oregano oil is useful for prostate problems, especially those caused by infections. Take a few drops of wild oregano oil diluted in a teaspoon of olive oil. Apply the mix on the lower back just above the sacrum once or twice a day.

Bad breath

A study by Weber State University found that oregano oil destroys oral pathogens.

For good oral hygiene, use oregano water to rinse your mouth. You can also use oregano essential oil preventively from time to time. Regular use will create a feeling of freshness in the mouth and bad breath will be eliminated.

This amazing herb is a blessing to lots of health problems. It is very safe and wildly spread. Feel free to use it whenever needed.