Vetiver Oil

The vetiver plant originates from India, and its oil has been used in folk medicine for more than a thousand years in South and Southeast Asia, as well as West Africa. It is interesting that the leaves and roots have the same benefits as the oil of this plant. This amazing herb often participates in the formulations of perfumes and eau de toilette as it has several common properties with other types of fragrant herbs used in the cosmetics industry.

Its oil is distilled from the plant root and contains at least one hundred components. The color of this oil is amber and its scent is a combination of woody, sweet and smoky.

Vetiver oil strengthens the body and soul. Due to its health benefits, it has a beneficial effect on improving the mental state. The healing property of the soul of this essential oil deserved its other name – “oil of calm”.

Top 10 Benefits of Vetiver oil

Vetiver Oil

1. Rich in antioxidants

The first benefit of vetiver essential oil is that it contains a significant amount of antioxidants. In 2005 the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition of the University of South Carolina accessed the content of antioxidants in vetiver oil. They discovered that the antioxidants from this oil have a stronger free radical scavenging activity compared to the antioxidants found in other essential oils.

2. Improves bodily functions

Vetiver oil improves bodily functions, such as the immune and nervous systems. A study conducted in India in 2015 found that vetiver oil reduces the amount of toxicity in the body caused by chemotherapeutic drugs.

3. Reduces anxiety and depression

This oil ranks absolutely first among all essential oils when it comes to emotional health benefits. It is very beneficial in aromatherapy, it relaxes and reduces emotional stress such as anxiety, panic attacks, symptoms of depression.

4. Treats scarring of the skin

As an oil that has the ability to regenerate the skin, it also stimulates the regeneration of numerous skin cells. This oil has the power to heal scars, rejuvenate the skin, remove dark spots and acne and prevent the signs of aging.

5. Treats ADHD

A study conducted in 2011 showed that this oil is effective in treating attention deficit disorder in children (ADHD). The study included twenty children aged 6 to 12 years. The result was excellent – vetiver essential oil increased its effect by 100 percent after children with a diagnosed attention deficit disorder inhaled it.

6. It has an anti-inflammatory effect

The soothing and refreshing nature of vetiver oil makes it ideal for treating various forms of inflammation, especially those found in the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In addition, this oil is a great choice for treating inflammation caused by extreme heat such as dehydration and heatstroke.

7. Prevents bacterial infections

Bacteria and microorganisms grow and develop very quickly in hot and humid climates. In this type of climate, sepsis is another danger, due to the increased presence of bacteria. Vetiver can prevent this from happening by stopping the growth of bacteria that cause sepsis.

8. It is good for insomnia

The oil is also ideal for the treatment of insomnia because it is a natural sedative. In addition, it can treat other forms of emotional outbursts such as anger, restlessness and nervousness.

9. A good aphrodisiac

Emotional stress and anxiety can affect libido. Vetiver oil not only improves libido but also increases testosterone and estrogen. For women, this oil is useful because it strengthens their reproductive system, balances hormones and regulates the menstrual cycle.

10. Rejects termites

The Agricultural Center of the State University of Louisiana analyzed the anti-termite potentials of eight essential oils and none of them proved to be as powerful in this sense as the vetiver essential oil.