Basil Oil Benefits

Plant: Ocimum basilicum L.
Odor: fresh, spicy with balsamic notes
Method of obtaining: distillation
Part of the plant from which the oil is obtained: the whole plant
Main ingredients: linalool, eugenol

Basil is an aromatic plant that originally comes from India, and it is known as a welcoming symbol and by the name ”Tulsi”. It was brought to Europe by the monks. The Orthodox Church, the Hindus, and many other religions believe that the plant has divine power. The Basil is derived from the Greek word “basilicum” which means royal. The Romans believed that a man would always love a woman from whom he received basil. Today the basil essential oil is mostly used to eliminate various types of cramps in the body. It is also a very effective spasmolytic and efficiently relieves cramps in painful periods, cramps in the muscles after strenuous training and strong physical efforts. Its oil also works well on intestinal cramps, regardless of their actual source.

Usage of Basil Oil

How you can use the Basil essential oil:

As a Natural repellent

Basil is very effective as a natural repellant. Repels flies, mosquitoes, and wasps, therefore it is very suitable to make an aqueous solution of basil oil during the summer period and use it as a spray gun on this matter. In addition, essential oil of basil disinfects the air and refreshes it in spaces like offices where many people work because it prevents the spread of respiratory infections.

For massages

Add 100 drops of the oil to 100ml edible oil such as olive, coconut, sunflower (gradually increasing the number of drops to receive the desired effect). Rub it on clean and damp skin two to three times a day.

For wet inhalation

3-4 drops of basil oil dissolved in half a liter of hot water. Inhale a couple of times, for 3-5 minutes.

For dry inhalation

Put one drop of essential basil oil on a tissue paper, then breathe it in for a few minutes.

Essential Oil for Bath 

100 gr of sea salt add to 3-5 drops of basil oil. Mix it with hot water. Rinse the skin well after treatment. It is suitable for painful periods, cramps, respiratory illnesses, and mental fatigue.

To refresh the rooms and as a repellent

Place 3-4 drops of the oil in a diffuser or aroma lamp.

Precaution measures

The proper use of the essential oil does not cause any harmful consequences, however, it is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing children and children under 6 years of age. Do not use it on sensitive skin because it can cause irritation. Do not apply it directly to the skin and mucous membranes. Not for oral use! Keep protected from light and heat, and also out of the reach of children.

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