Benefits of Sandalwood Oil

There are numerous stories about sandalwood, and they are mostly related to India and its mythology and religion. Sandalwood is as powerful to the Indus as Ganesha, a sacred elephant that grows slowly and grows into a large and powerful being. This is why this plant, with its strong and captivating scent, is more suited to temperamental people of fiery nature. Phlegmatic and calm people do not usually prefer this scent.

Sandalwood has been considered a very powerful aphrodisiac for thousands of years. It is irreplaceable in the form of oil while practicing the Kama Sutra and in tantrism. It is used to stimulate the root chakra, which is the center of sexual energy. Even modern science in its research has confirmed that interpersonal communication, as a primarily subconscious process that takes place without conscious intent, can be guided and stimulated by fragrant oils. It is believed that sandalwood, used as an oil, soap or perfume on the landmark, encourages openness and warmth and thus helps even those shy to gather courage and increase self-confidence. The strong aroma of the sandal also intensifies the natural scent of the skin, which has also been found to act sexually attractive.

Sandalwood bark is considered one of the most precious gifts in the East. Its essential oil is obtained from the bark of a tree that is several years old.

Sandalwood essential oil benefits and usage

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This magical oil reduces and relieves nausea and heartburn, relieves bloating and contributes to reducing gas production. It has a relaxing effect on the bowel and abdominal muscles. It is safest to use as a solution in lukewarm water, other base oils, or in combination with teas. The oil is also good for alleviating the effects of food poisoning or after prolonged use of antibiotics. In addition, it protects the internal tissues from the action of microorganisms by oral use. Surprisingly, sandal oil lowers blood pressure. It also has diuretic properties and promotes urination and helps to excrete toxins from the body through urine. While due to its antimicrobial properties, it soothes urinary tract infections.

If you use sandal oil for respiratory inhalation, you will successfully relieve dry cough and sore throat. You will also reduce the problems caused by bronchitis, as well as sinusitis. Due to its strong antibacterial and antiviral activity, it has a beneficial effect on all types of infections. In particular, it has proven effective against the herpes virus.

Research has shown that sandalwood oil for massage acts as a natural remedy for spasms and calms the body. It relaxes the nerves and muscles but also reduces the pain in them. Due to its relaxing effect on the body, it relieves the symptoms of PMS in women as well as menopausal ailments. So, to relax, be sure to try sandalwood for a relaxing massage. Of course, use some of the base oils (eg olive, sesame, almond, or burdock oil) to dilute it. Another way is to relax with a scented bath that also nourishes the skin of the body.

Uses in aromatherapy

Sandalwood in aromatherapy is intensively applied because it acts as an antidepressant and soothes nervous tension, thus helping against insomnia. The scent of sandalwood helps against stress because it promotes a sense of deep peace and helps to establish spiritual balance. It is used traditionally during meditations and also during yoga. The regular application protects against stress, relieves feelings of anxiety and fear. It also enhances concentration and memory. So there is no reason why you do not have essential sandal oil in your home. Scented sandalwood sticks are also available, which are very practical and will give your home a positive energy boost.

Sandal oil is famous as an elixir of youth, as its healing properties for face and body skincare are stunning. It has a beneficial effect on all types, it is beneficial for both dry and oily skin. It promotes balanced sebum secretion. This oil is good as a pore cleanser as it penetrates deep into all layers of the skin and provides care. It also stimulates blood and lymph microcirculation, which further stimulates the removal of dead epithelial cells. It is highly represented in anti-aging cosmetics and has positive effects on eczema and fungi. In addition, it causes faster repair of damaged tissue in the case of wounds or cuts and disinfects them. It also visibly contributes to skin hydration even if it is very dry.

Due to the richness of vitamins and antioxidants, sandalwood oil rehydrates dry skin, effectively relieves stretch marks and scars, eliminates wrinkles and blemishes.
As we can see, this is a divine and multi-useful product. However, like with any other essential oil, use it carefully and you will feel all the benefits it can give you.