Benefits of Essential Oil of Clove

This herb is more powerful than we could imagine.

The main ingredient of the clove (Syzygium aromaticum), an essential oil with eugenol, gives this spice its characteristic taste and aroma. It also contains tannins, resin, mucus and a high percentage of flavonoids that have potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant effects. Thanks to these medicinal ingredients, clove has been used as a cure in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for over 2,000 years.

Clove essential oil

Essential Clove Oil Benefits

The oil is multi-beneficial. It is useful for men as an aid against premature ejaculation. You can also successfully use it to fight toothache. It dilutes blood – a natural replacement for aspirin. Increases your metabolic rate, purifies the blood and increases disease resistance. It relieves mental exhaustion and stress.

This amazing product has an antiseptic effect on the intestinal flora and stimulates the motor system of the digestive system, it is effective in the presence of Candida albicans in the digestive tract (which often occurs after the use of antibiotics) and in the case of frequent urinary tract infections (caused by Escherichia coli), it has a beneficial effect in the case of constipation.

It stimulates uterine contractions and can be used two weeks before the birth term to harmonize contractions and it is also useful for painful periods.

Eugenol, which is found in the essential oil in highest percentage, has a beneficial effect on muscle tone, so it is recommended before and after sports activities for muscle massage for better performance and faster recovery from fatigue.

In parodontopathy, it has a favorable effect on the epithelialization of the mucous membrane of the gums.

Usage of Clove oil

Clove Oil Usage



Clove as an aphrodisiac

Melt a few drops of clove oil in water and pour it into a meal, this is a very powerful natural aphrodisiac.

Clove for skincare

In the fight against acne, this spice has proven to be useful in combination with honey and lemon: mix a teaspoon of ground cloves and honey and add 3 drops of lemon juice. Apply a face mask, leave to act for 20 minutes and wash with cold water. Facial massage with clove oil reduces bloating and hydrates the skin.

Clove as aromatic and antiseptic

If you dilute a few drops with water and spray it into your mouth, it will take the unpleasant breath away. This method will also prevent the spread of dental caries and relieving toothache. In addition, clove spice boosts immunity, improves metabolism and relieves rheumatic problems.

Clove against cholesterol

An excellent folk recipe for cholesterol and triglycerides:

You need 5 grams of clove and 2 liters of water. Put the non-ground clove in a water bottle and refrigerate for two to three days. Shake the bottle several times during the day. Drink this every morning with one small cup (for coffee) – up to 1 dl per day. When you drink the first quantity, proceed with another bottle. After two bottles, make a one month break and you can repeat the clove therapy after that.

The experience with this recipe is positive and you probably won’t even have to do another round because this herb has proven to be very good and effective for fighting with cholesterol.

Clove for weight loss

Clove stimulates digestion in a way that regulates the functioning of the entire digestive tract, promotes digestion, strengthens immunity, improves circulation and significantly speeds up metabolism, prevents bloating, nausea and other stomach problems. In combination with ginger and cinnamon, it achieves excellent results in the melting of fats.


Do not apply clove essential oil directly to the skin. Due to its strength, it might cause irritation.