Melissa Oil

Interesting Facts! 
Melissa was a bee-nymph who nursed the infant Zeus with honey in his youth and helped him gain his great power to later became king of the gods. The plant of the same name was named in the nymph’s honor.

Melissa, also known as Lemon Balm or Balm Mint, is a perennial member of the mint family, native to North Africa and the Mediterranean region. The Melissa officinalis plant is nothing thrilling to look at, simply a low growing plant with serrated heart-shaped leaves and tiny little flowers. However, this is a classic example that great things can come from the most humble sources, for each leaf containing just a little of this delicate and magical oil with a powerfully effective lemon scent.

When the goddess Venus was absent, bees would nurse Cupid with nectar from the Melissa plant. The 16th-century physician/alchemist Paracelsus referred to Melissa oil as the “Elixir of Life” believing that its use could completely revivify a debilitated individual.

Today, this precious essential oil is celebrated for a wide array of soothing and balancing properties. This extraordinary herb can help you balance your body and it will boost your immune system. It is considered to be the right cleaner (tonic) for all systems in the body and it promotes the absorption and will eliminate or relieve pain, lower your body temperature when you are sick.

Effectively, this oil will eliminate the fever, suppress the infection and stimulate sweating which detoxifies the body and regulates the body temperature. Thus, it will also be effective in preventing various infections in the stomach, intestines, urine, as well as healing of wounds of all kinds. It helps to treat diseases such as typhoid fever, food poisoning, various skin diseases and even malaria. Lemon balm oil prevents all types of sepsis. It also helps to stop bleeding by narrowing the blood vessels effectively.

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