Benefits of Jasmine Oil

This essential oil, which is often called ”the king of essential oils” comes from the jasmine flower. It has a sweet, floral and pleasant smell and a typical density (similar to almond oil). Jasmine is a common ingredient of perfumes and it is also used in the form of syrups, teas, as well as, the already mentioned, essential oils.

Interesting fact:

Laboratory research has found that the smell of jasmine and its essential oil calms the mice at which experiments were carried out. The animals stopped doing what they did at the same time they smelled the oil.

Brain scanning actually helped researchers to determine the effect of jasmine smell on one type of chemical and noticed that it relieves anxiety. Professor Hans Het said that the results published in a Journal (Journal of Biological Chemistry) can be “seen as evidence of the scientific basis for aromatherapy.”

Jasmine Oil Benefits

Jasmine oil will help you to alleviate colds, suppress cough, it is very efficient with fighting all lung disorders, respiratory infections, and even snoring. As it relaxes the muscles, it is excellent for the treatment and relaxation of cramps, it provides quick elimination of spasmodic cough and even respiratory arrest and asthma.

Jasmine aroma stimulates the release of serotonin, which raises energy, mood, and positive perception, and stimulates creativity and imagination. Thus, it will successfully suppress negative emotions such as anger, sorrow, guilt, pessimism, mistrust, insecurity, and even some types of phobias. Even with postpartum depression, gout and arthritis, this oil will also work beneficially. Therefore, it is also excellent in the treatment of some addiction diseases, as well as in the treatment of anorexia.

If you have problems with menopause, regulation, and painful menstruation cycles, jasmine essential oil will regulate these types of problems. It is thought to even increase fertility. In many cultures, and especially in traditional Chinese medicine, it was valued as a fantastic aphrodisiac. It is used to stimulate libido, in case of sexual disorders, frigidity, impotence, premature ejaculation because jasmine oil affects the hormones and therefore restores these problems in balance. It is considered that if you use a mixture of jasmine and sandalwood oil, it will prolong the sexual life of a man for many years.

Uses and Benefits Jasmine Oil

The ”king of oils” has antiseptic, antiviral, and other beneficial properties. This amazing oil eliminates potential tetanus infections. It will help with painful muscles after training, as well as during spraying.

The oil will perfectly nourish your skin. It is especially recommended for the care of very dry skin, which is sensitive and irritated. Jasmine essential oil will soften your rash and inflammation and will restore your skin’s elasticity and protect against wrinkles (some people call it anti-aging oil), scars, and stretch marks during pregnancy. It will help you with dermatitis and eczema.

In addition to being known to relax the body, it also relaxes the psyche. With this oil, you will raise your mood, solve fears and anxiety. It is a great solution for insomnia. It will relax you and you will be able to sink into sleep more easily. You will raise your confidence with its use. When you breathe in the oil, it will strengthen and maintain memory as well as concentration.

Jasmine Oil Uses

A good way to use this oil is to add a few drops to your bath or shower gel. You can put it on the back and moisturize behind the ear shell as well. This way, you will calm yourself down and lift your positive mood. Baths made of jasmine essential oil will surely help you to easily get rid of insomnia. This is because its sedative molecules enter the blood through the lungs. This way they can replace medications. Even German scientists have found that the jasmine oil in a molecular composition is similar to valium, as it reduces the sense of discomfort and affects the elimination of insomnia.

Precautionary measures:

People who suffer from low blood pressure should avoid using this essential oil. It is not recommended for pregnant women and those who are allergic to jasmine too.