Helichrysum Oil Benefits

The Latin name “helichrysum” is derived from the Greek word “helisso,” meaning the sun and the word “chrysos,” meaning gold. In ancient times, the flowers of the immortelle were dried and worshiped by the Greek gods. The French call it “Immortelle” – immortal. The name derives from the trait of the immortelle flower to retain its brilliant color even when dried. Such a powerful product this Immortelle Oil, right?

Everything we need is available in one small flower – bright tan, fragrant environment and a good mood. Does a woman need anything else for happiness?

This product is a great solution for someone with oily skin. It is also the perfect complement to sensitive skincare products. It’s so mild that even kids can use it. It is often compared to chamomile because of its properties.

Interesting Fact: It is considered as one of the most expensive oils in the world. The price for one liter can reach 1800 euros! This is not surprising if we know that one liter of this gold oil requires the distillation of as much as 750 kg of immortelle flowers.

Helichrysum Essential Oil Benefits

Helichrysum Oil

It is obtained by steam distillation process of immortelle flowers. To obtain quality oil, the distillation process must be completed within 24 hours of picking the flowers. Did you know that one of the world’s most expensive oil is produced in the Balkans? One hectare of plantation yields 9 liters of immortelle oil. The oil contains a high percentage of collagen.

This amazing oil is most commonly used for treating wounds, infections, alleviating digestive problems, improving the nervous system, heart and respiratory health.

But the best thing that the oil does is to moisturize the skin and prevent it from drying out!

One of the most exciting recent discoveries about Helichrysum oil is its anti-age effect. It makes the skin look firmer, younger and more vibrant, making it the best anti-wrinkle oil.

The immortelle flower contains flavonoids, essential oil, phthalides, scopoletin, umbelliferone, esculetin, pyranone derivatives, arenarine, tannins and bitter substances. All these tongue-in-cheek names are very, very useful for skin tissue cells, experts say.

Helichrysum has also proven to be excellent in treating skin defects such as hyperpigmentation, stains, aging and sunspots and redness.

If you’ve injured yourself, immediately apply a drop of the oil to the injured spot, the bruise may not even appear. If the bruise is already present, grease it with this “gold oil” which will accelerate its withdrawal.

One of the main causes of premature aging is the harmful effects of UV radiation. After a day at the beach, you should be well hydrated. The oil removes the feeling of tightness after sunbathing, restores softness and repairs sun damage.

When it comes to skincare, what makes this unique oil particularly interesting is its regenerative potential. This applies to injuries, open wounds and burns, hematomas, swelling and scarring and of course rejuvenation.

Here’s how Immortelle oil works on the skin:

Prevents skin from drying out
This oil helps the skin retain moisture, making it softer, smoother, more resistant to drying and cracking.

It preserves cell health
The regeneration of skin tissue cells and the creation of new ones are a condition of overall skin health. As it daily suffers the negative effects of the environment, any remedy that helps it to recover and rejuvenate is of benefit.

Lubricate the pimple scars with Helichrysum oil
Very often, an ugly scar remains in the pimple site, especially if you have squeezed the pimple. The skin color has changed and it will take a long time until the complexion is even. A drop of oil should be applied to the problematic spot several times during the day.

Oil for psoriasis and eczema
This oil is especially recommended for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, to remove scars and treat infectious processes on the skin.

Scent massage
For a particularly enjoyable massage, pour 2-3 drops of this essential oil into argan oil. This massage has a beneficial effect on healthy skin and is especially effective in reducing hematoma.

Against acne
Make an infusion by placing a handful of helichrysum stills in a pot of water and let it stand at room temperature, then place in the refrigerator. Use as a face lotion several times a week as a natural acne treatment.

As we can see, this gold-colored oil is multi-beneficial and can help us with lots of different health problems. However, like with every other oil, you should be careful with its usage and inform yourself about eventual side effects.

Do you want to try it out? Just let us know.